Making Candle Then Sell Candles and Make a Profit On eBay?

333 Making Candle Then Sell Candles and Make a Profit On eBay?

Candle Business

When you think about how many people are actually making candle.

In order words making a living selling candles on eBay, do you find yourself asking the following questions:

1. How can I sell candles without much feedback?

2. Where can I find candles to sell or the hot-selling candles for my eBay candle business?

3. How on earth can eBay powersellers offer such ridiculously low prices and still make a profit?

It would take a long time to find all the answers by yourself, but with the information below you’ll be see how to take some shortcuts to success.

Start Your eBay Candle Business and Build Your Feedback

How can you quickly build up fantastic feedback for your eBay business?

1. Firstly you can purchase some inexpensive items and get your first few feedbacks from sellers.

Look for cheap items for only a few dollars each and place bids on them.

You can get 10 or more feedbacks without selling anything at all.

2. Next, find some very low-ticket priced items that are small and light eg cheap candles, etc.

You could also re-sell some of the items you bought in step 1: if you buy carefully you can make a profit.

What if you have unwanted items at home? You could sell those which can also get you started.

3. Launch a lot of items as low-ticket auctions with no reserve. You just want to sell as many items as you can in the shortest time.

You can sell large amounts of small items regardless of how much feedback you have. Bigger, more expensive products usually require more feedback to gain an eBay buyer’s trust.

4. Repeat the above process until you have at least 50 positive feedback ratings on your eBay account. Be sure to provide fast shipping and courteous customer service to ensure only positive feedback.

You will also now have gained experience of using eBay which will help you build your business.

It doesn’t matter what you candles you sell in the long run – this method will get you started and that is the most important factor right now!

Where Can You Find Hot Candles?

Once you have made a start on eBay you will need to make larger amounts of candles for stock.

eBay itself can be a source for many candle making supplies. Look for wholesale lots that can be purchased as individual items or as a package.

The best batch of candle making supplies I ever bought on eBay was found by coincidence. I was checking out the competition for some ideas and spotted an auction with no bids with a start price of .01 for 100s of items.

I then looked at the sellers other candle making supplies and found a lot more auctions with very few bids all for larger batches.

The strategy was to bid last minute and won nearly all of them for low prices.

Okay, so it took me a year to figure this all out (there were several thousand items) BUT I got ten times my money back even after allowing for shipping and ebay fees.

There are many other sources of products from wholesalers to buying directly from China and I go into more detail of all these in up coming issue.

How Do Other Candle Sellers Make A Profit?

Here’s one of my top tips…buy from your competitors!

That may sound a crazy thing to do but when I added up the costs involved in what one of my competitors was selling I found that even if they got the item free they would be making a loss!

So what are they doing?

It must be one of the following:

1. They haven’t added up their expenses and are making a loss!

This is something you must get right – allow for listings fees, final valuation fees, shipping and product cost.

2. They are using eBay for traffic and/or using upsells

They may be adding people to their mailing list, or sending them to their website. They could be selling people additional items eg higher end candles or other related products that are complimentary in some way.

Either way if they are selling a lot the best thing to do is to buy one of their items and see what happens.

What emails do you receive?

Do they include offers or catalogue with other items…etc ?

You may want to buy from each of the biggest candle sellers and improve on the best ideas.

If you are just starting out this will help build your feedback, and you can also re-sell the products you bought to test out your listing skills.

Tip: If other people are selling a lot they have done some of the hard work for you in finding out what candles sell.

There are many methods for getting information from other eBayers and you can read about all of these with detailed steps and here at Candle Making Secrets

I hope you all do well with your eBay business, and if you haven’t started yet perhaps this blog post will inspire as well as encourage you to take the first steps.

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300 thoughts on “Making Candle Then Sell Candles and Make a Profit On eBay?

  1. I have an idea for a fundraiser for a non-profit 501(c)(3) which is a small local group operating under a parent national organization. One of the problems, it involves selling stuff online but they want me to start it out as my own business. Two problems, (1) the local group is just getting started and has no funds, (2) I’m a member of said group.

    While the rest of the group loves the idea, they can’t come up with the funds to get started. They said at the least, I would have to get a DBA, business checking account, EIN and State Tax ID. Locally they only make you get a license if you have a storefront and are open to the public.

    My first test is to order a few items and offer them for sale on eBay, I became a dealer and can now order wholesale. According to the guy who does my taxes, (example only) if I order 10 cell phones to sell on eBay, the IRS sees me as a business and it must be reported on my income tax, profit or loss. If I sell my own phone so I can get a new one, then it’s not a business.

    I’ve already had several members of the organization offer to help with the sales as a fund raiser, but I’m not sure how to do it. I know those organizations that sell candles at Christmas raise funds for themselves but also the company that supplies them with the product to sell also makes a profit. What they said is my business can’t make a profit from this because I’m a member and member’s can’t profit from a fundraiser.

    How do I do this? I write the check for the wholesale product myself, it’s then marked up as with any retailer and listed for sale. They will help with labor in getting stuff shipped out, marketing, advertising, etc. May even do some direct sales. How do we decide how much the group gets for selling? I get stuck with the expenses, ordering inventory, website or eBay fees, paypal or merchant fees, shipping cost, etc. Can my business get anything at all for putting up the money and taking the risks, or does every drop of profit go to the group? Would the amount the group gets as a non-profit be considered a donation?

    I know one group that sold discount cards locally only made about $300 and the company that sold them using the club name got $3,000. Why sell the same thing everyone else does for only a few dollars when you could have a unique item and raise some nice funds.

  2. I have an eBay account & a PayPal account but I’ve never bought anything off eBay so what I’m wondering is if I win an auction on eBay does the money automatically get taken out of my bank account or do I need to deposit it into my Paypal account. I’m really not sure please help?

  3. I bought this sweater on Ebay & i’m curious how many days does it take to get the supply to my house?

  4. I recently sold an item on ebay. The buyer didn’t pay after a few days so I opened an unpaid item case. After that, the buyer said a family emergency came up and they couldn’t pay. I then sent a second chance offer to the next highest bidder. So how can I get my final value fee back for this item? Also, I don’t want the buyer to get a strike on their account or anything.

  5. Hello! I love candles and have a passion for them, I am very creative so I would love making them. I would like to know what the necessary equipment and tools are for beginning my candle-making business. Please don’t put me down and say that I won’t be able to because I can and I will follow through my ambition! I was thinking of selling my creations on eBay for a little profit. Thank you in advance!

  6. I just started eBay and didn’t know you had to sell items to the highest bidders. My three items were going to sell at ridiculously low prices and I didn’t want to lose that much money, so I canceled them. How much will eBay charge for this?

  7. I’ve been listing on eBay for a while now never had a problem until now. I see hundreds of them listed on there so my question is how can I list mine so I can avoid them being flagged and or removed?

  8. I live in rural southern Indiana. I can not drive because I have epilepsy. I have an associates in business management and thinking about finishing off for a bachelors. There is no leaving rural southern Indiana plan and simple. My husband has a very good job out here. Okay the business I would like to do is a homemade homegrown kind of business. Selling handcrafted items like blankets and candles, and organic herbs and canned foods. Like I will grow the stuff in a garden and I can it and sell it. I know the profit won’t be that good but I just need some extra form of income to help us. Do you think there is any chance at all for any profit or survival in todays world? I

  9. I have just added my debit card on ebay. But i wanted to know how do i pay for things on ebay? Ive only used amazon in the past. So i wanted to know if when i purchase something on ebay, will they take the money out of my debit card, or do i have to transfer my money from debit card to PayPal?

  10. A few eBay member wants to buy my eBay account and the offers are very tempting but I don’t know if I should sell my eBay account that I worked so hard to keep in good standing. I don’t even know how much it is worth? My eBay account is almost 6 years old with 5000+ feedbacks(from selling) with 99.7% rating, no limitations, never been suspended. How much is it worth if ever I decided to sell?

  11. My friend and I are wanting to start a candle business. We want to try selling on Instagram. What are some other good places to sell homeade items? And we are only 14. Thanks!

  12. I would like to make homemade candles and possibly sell them on ebay. What would be the best quality wax to use based on quality and price?

  13. Im thinking something along the lines of
    Caitlins Candles
    Naturax (Nature+Wax)
    Fire Godess

    and such. any better ideas?

  14. I’m thinking about making candles and selling them. I was wondering If I need both a patent and a trademark? Do I need a patent on each candle or an overall trademark. This will be my first time starting my own business.


  15. i am looking to start my own scented candle business, and i was needig help with a name for it. My nickname is Smitty. I was wanting something with that in the name. please give me only unique business names that would attract you to my products! thanks so much for any and all help!
    DWIGHT M or EXPERTAUTHOR. please email me so i can talk to each of you personally. i am needing to ask a few questions, that i didnt want to put out there in the open. just in case my email is Thanks so much!

  16. Dear everyone,
    I would like to start my home business with candles selling, but I need an advice how shall I start? by selling ready candles or made them by my self?

    please anyone already started such project tell me what to do and how to start.

    Thank you

  17. I want to start my own business (candle, bath and body shop) but I don’t know how to put it all together.

    If anyone has any business experience and can help me with any advice please do so.

    I am going to be making my own candle products and bath products so what do about labeling, trademark and packaging?

    I feel so stuck! please help me!

    I am looking to start small by setting up shop at my local flea markets and with an online store operating from home.

    I am open to any advice so please feel free!

    thanks in advance

  18. I am going to start a candle business FINALLY. I was going to call it
    “Carrie’s Soy Candles” but I thought if maybe I would later want to branch out into candles that may not be soy….so I really might want to rethink my business name.

    I am not the most creative for these sort of tasks, however I have great
    confidence that their are many of you out there that would have wonderful suggestions, and I’d love to hear them….!!!

    I will let you know if I choose your idea!

    Thank you all for your time!
    let your creative juices flow!!!
    I cannot wait to hear what you all come up with!

  19. have the equip. to create candles and have many varities of scents ans colors want to know where to begin to start a business online

  20. i would like to know dat how to start candle making business from mumbai, I can prepare very good candles with various style. Please help me out.
    how much money i need to invest n what r the basic steps i have to take in the candle making business.

  21. Hi! Can anyone help me! I am in desperate need of help! I want to start making candles and selling them. I have little experience, but I am actually pretty good if I do say so myself. I use to make gel scented candles for fun and for family and friends… but, would like to make a profit now. The only problem is now that I want to make a profit, It seems that the supplies are expensive. I visited websites online to buy enough supplies for 25 seven ounce candles and the total was about $4.50 per candle. Not to mention the time I will be putting in to make them. Since they are such small candles, I wonder if I can make a good profit out of them. I thin $10 for one candle is too pricy… I want to be fair to my customers and myself. Help please? Can anybody give me advice? Whether it is a good and cheap place to buy supplies online, or A different method of making candles… I would deeply appreciate it. I really want to know a low cost but good profit way! Thank you all!!!!

  22. My friend and I want to start a candle business but we are having a hard time deciding on a name. We want it to be catchy but sound good and look good in writing. We don’t want it to be long. We want the name to be memorable so people will come back. We are starting a website and if it takes off then hopefully our own store. Please help…what sounds good to you? thank you! :) :)

  23. I’ve decided to start a candle business but have limited funds, so I’m looking for ideas as to what candle scents I should start out with. What are some that you know are popular that most people like? And what are some of your favorites that may not be so popular or are not so easy to find? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks!!!

  24. I am wanting to start my own candle business. I have no experiece. I just want to do it from my home, online and at craft fairs. What is the best way to get started and also is it true that the soy-veg. blend is the best and safest plus the easiest to work with? I want to make jar, votives, tealights and melt candles… Can anyone help that is already in the business, and has been there and done that…

  25. I’m starting a homemade candle company and need help naming it. I’m from the south and my name is Sarah. I love dragonflies and would love to try to use the word in my company name( but don’t have to).
    Also, would love some slogan suggestions! Thanks!


  27. Okay… so I am 16 and I thought it would be neat to make homemade candles and start maybe a little business off of it…. How would you go about doing that?

  28. Summer is coming up, which means no school for 2 months and I really want to start a “little summer business”. I’m too old for the lemonade stand thing (I’m 17) and I really don’t like the car washing/mowing lawns idea,lol.

    So, my idea was to start making candles. I’ve been reading a few things online and it seems pretty simple & fairly easy to acquire ingredients. It just seems like a good way to get my creative juices going and could possibly turn into “something”.

    What I’m eerie about is me using $$ I’ve saved up buying ingredients then attempt to make “high-quality” candles and they turn out horrible (over-achiever here!). I think I’ll only try to spend around $20-30 (will that be enough to start out?) and see what happens.

    Speaking of ingredients, could someone give me a basic list of everything I’ll need?

    & how much type do candles take to make? (including mixing/melting wax?)

    I have tons of ideas running through my head but I’ll finish with that. thanks for reading!

  29. My candles will be rustic/primitive/country themed…I’m looking for a name that sounds relaxing and comforting…maybe a “kitcheny” name because my main scents will be bakery-types or spicy aromas. I want something original but not too long…thanks for your ideas! If I use your idea, I promise you’ll get some free candles!

  30. I will be setting up an etsy business shortly in which I’ll be selling candles inspired by American culture and Pin Up culture. I’m not saying any more for obvious reasons! I’m really struggling to think of a name :( can anybody give me ideas? I’ve thought of 50′s candle company & rockabilly candles but neither of them perfectly fit my business plan..

  31. My girlfriend and i are opening a homemade candle business and i currently have a job ay walgreens. My question is i would like to quit walgreens sometime after we get a site put up, so how much is a good amout of money that we make in order for me to quit? Also are there major down times in the candle business throughout the year currently we make a net margin of 25 percent.

  32. I am interested in selling home made candles and bath soaps. Are there any guidelines and laws I must follow to start my simple business? Im not selling in stores or anything, just door to door or whatnot. Thanks for any information!!

  33. me and a friend are starting a candle business.. we will be making scented container candles and then eventually make pillars and votives…we are looking to start small and work our way into bigger business but we need a catchy name…any ideas??

  34. Hi, I’m hoping to start up my own little craft business making candles in jam jars. I’ll have small and standard jam jar sizes available and it will be decorated with the cotton fabric top (think country home made jam jars with the gingham fabric, crept mine won’t be gingham!)….. need some ideas on business name really. Thanks in advance

  35. I’m looking for a sophisticated name for my candle business. I however, don’t want it to involve any words that have to do with candles (scents, wicks etc), in case the business expands to offer other things. A friend of mine has a business named Defining Moments – so I am looking for something sophisticated and classy like that… THANKS!

  36. I would like to start a small family business with my sisters making hand poured jar and cupcake candles any ideas on how or where to start? where would we get a logo printed and labels made? how would we split the profits? how do we decide what to charge for our product?

  37. Does anyone know of any Free or very cheap to start candle selling business opportunities? I’m trying to MAKE some money, not give what I DO have away. Any info would be greatly appreciated!

  38. my sister and i want to start our own candle making business. anyone know wholesale companies or stores to buy supplies,preferably in ohio so we do not have to pay for shipping.

  39. Ok, so I have candles but now where, and how am I going to get sales and prophet. How did you get your company off the ground? Please help!

  40. I want to start making candles and other items like Lotions soaps and bath beads etc. Would this be a great business to start or is this a dead end? Where can I find supplies cheap? I already make candles for myself and I know about aromatherapy from massage school.

  41. hello everyone. My hobby is to create candles and i was wondering if i could turn it into a home based business. I have heard that in USA almost all homes use candles in day to day life. Am in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Will the people here buy candles much. Can i expect profit from it.
    Thanks in advance :)

  42. Hi,
    My question is i want to buy candles and etc from wholesale places and resell them. What i was wondering what kind of permits would i need and also would it bee a good idea to start this out as a blog or just sell on E-bay until i see if i really can get people to buy then from me. Kinda like being a hobby or craft right know. I do not ting i should set up a website yet. Anyhelp

  43. Have you ever considered publishing an e-book or guest authoring on other sites?
    I have a blog based on the same ideas you discuss and would really like to have you share some stories/information.

    I know my visitors would appreciate your work. If you’re
    even remotely interested, feel free to shoot me an e-mail.

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