Making Candle Then Sell Candles and Make a Profit On eBay?

333 Making Candle Then Sell Candles and Make a Profit On eBay?

Candle Business

When you think about how many people are actually making candle.

In order words making a living selling candles on eBay, do you find yourself asking the following questions:

1. How can I sell candles without much feedback?

2. Where can I find candles to sell or the hot-selling candles for my eBay candle business?

3. How on earth can eBay powersellers offer such ridiculously low prices and still make a profit?

It would take a long time to find all the answers by yourself, but with the information below you’ll be see how to take some shortcuts to success.

Start Your eBay Candle Business and Build Your Feedback

How can you quickly build up fantastic feedback for your eBay business?

1. Firstly you can purchase some inexpensive items and get your first few feedbacks from sellers.

Look for cheap items for only a few dollars each and place bids on them.

You can get 10 or more feedbacks without selling anything at all.

2. Next, find some very low-ticket priced items that are small and light eg cheap candles, etc.

You could also re-sell some of the items you bought in step 1: if you buy carefully you can make a profit.

What if you have unwanted items at home? You could sell those which can also get you started.

3. Launch a lot of items as low-ticket auctions with no reserve. You just want to sell as many items as you can in the shortest time.

You can sell large amounts of small items regardless of how much feedback you have. Bigger, more expensive products usually require more feedback to gain an eBay buyer’s trust.

4. Repeat the above process until you have at least 50 positive feedback ratings on your eBay account. Be sure to provide fast shipping and courteous customer service to ensure only positive feedback.

You will also now have gained experience of using eBay which will help you build your business.

It doesn’t matter what you candles you sell in the long run – this method will get you started and that is the most important factor right now!

Where Can You Find Hot Candles?

Once you have made a start on eBay you will need to make larger amounts of candles for stock.

eBay itself can be a source for many candle making supplies. Look for wholesale lots that can be purchased as individual items or as a package.

The best batch of candle making supplies I ever bought on eBay was found by coincidence. I was checking out the competition for some ideas and spotted an auction with no bids with a start price of .01 for 100s of items.

I then looked at the sellers other candle making supplies and found a lot more auctions with very few bids all for larger batches.

The strategy was to bid last minute and won nearly all of them for low prices.

Okay, so it took me a year to figure this all out (there were several thousand items) BUT I got ten times my money back even after allowing for shipping and ebay fees.

There are many other sources of products from wholesalers to buying directly from China and I go into more detail of all these in up coming issue.

How Do Other Candle Sellers Make A Profit?

Here’s one of my top tips…buy from your competitors!

That may sound a crazy thing to do but when I added up the costs involved in what one of my competitors was selling I found that even if they got the item free they would be making a loss!

So what are they doing?

It must be one of the following:

1. They haven’t added up their expenses and are making a loss!

This is something you must get right – allow for listings fees, final valuation fees, shipping and product cost.

2. They are using eBay for traffic and/or using upsells

They may be adding people to their mailing list, or sending them to their website. They could be selling people additional items eg higher end candles or other related products that are complimentary in some way.

Either way if they are selling a lot the best thing to do is to buy one of their items and see what happens.

What emails do you receive?

Do they include offers or catalogue with other items…etc ?

You may want to buy from each of the biggest candle sellers and improve on the best ideas.

If you are just starting out this will help build your feedback, and you can also re-sell the products you bought to test out your listing skills.

Tip: If other people are selling a lot they have done some of the hard work for you in finding out what candles sell.

There are many methods for getting information from other eBayers and you can read about all of these with detailed steps and here at Candle Making Secrets

I hope you all do well with your eBay business, and if you haven’t started yet perhaps this blog post will inspire as well as encourage you to take the first steps.

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335 thoughts on “Making Candle Then Sell Candles and Make a Profit On eBay?

  1. I make candles as a hobby and I’ve decided since I’m not having any luck finding a job right now that maybe I could make a profit from it.

    I have an ebay account and will be selling them there. never sold anything on ebay, is there a way to advertise on the site?

    I know a few sites where to buy materials just need an idea of how many candles should I start out with until business picks up. I was thinking just getting enough materials to make 5 candles to start, is this a good number?

    Budget wise I don’t want to spend anymore than $200 since I’m just starting.


  2. How do i make a ebay store THROUGH EBAY (not auctiva or any of those other 3′rd party’s

  3. Have you ever had a problem with buying things on ebay, like the item never arrived and you got ripped off etc? Tell me your story 10 pts for the best.

  4. Who made eBay? Also what does ‘eBay’ mean and why is the website called that?

  5. I’m a 19 yr old guy and I live in New Delhi, India. Going through an online shopping i came across best products that i wanted to buy. But every time i check the products, they don’t show any of these things in These are only available in So i wanted to know if I can get any product from US to India through ebay. So then, i’d have to write my us address, won’t I? What to do? Should i register my self to (usa) and then look for the products that they ship internationally. How much can the shipping cost be? Why I can’t find anything on
    And every time i try to register to it redirects me to the site. Please help?
    Please help me buy products from USA to India. Please if anybody has already done it, do let me know

  6. I purchased an item on Ebay, but never got the item as described. I know this happens on Ebay more than Ebay is willing to admit, but my real problem is Ebay ‘s unclear and unknown policy towards seller misconduct. It seems that sellers can lie, cheat, and steal from buyers on Ebay as long as their feedback rating remains high.In my case, PayPal and Ebay should have suspected the seller was involved in misconduct. Within 8-10 hours of me faxing a police report to PayPal, I got a full refund. I asked Ebay to take some kind of action against the seller.
    At first, I was told by Ebay Customer Support that no actions could be taken because the seller’s actions did not fall within Ebay’s regulations on seller misconduct.
    I kept hounding Customer Support and Ebay’s Trust and Safety Department and was told some type of action would be taken against the seller. Ebay thus far will not tell any policy on seller misconduct. A boycott is needed because Ebay buyers need to know a clear policy.
    I can see some like to reflect what Ebay states about transaction problems. The next time one of you have a seller try to rip you off on an item costing $1,375 dollars I would like to see your reaction when Ebay tells you nothing will be done, not even a short suspension. I guess it i
    I can see some like to reflect what Ebay states about transaction problems. The next time one of you have a seller try to rip you off on an item costing $1,375 dollars. I would like to see your reaction when Ebay tells you nothing will be done, not even a short suspension. I am sure you would let it go when the seller calls you a liar and theif. The problem is not rare. It mostly likely occurs everday, but is not reported
    I guess it is eaiser for some to just avoid the fact that Ebay does not have a clear policy on seller/buyer misconduct. I asked for it several time, but I have yet to be given the policy.
    I challange anyone to post Ebay’s policy. The sellers seem to have an advandage because Ebay is not intetested in lowering profit margins. How does anyone know for sure if the buyers are more of a problem?
    I suggested a boycott, but that is not the only way to get Ebay to change. I think a direct connection should be made between PayPal claims and punishment for sellers/buyers.

  7. I bought a macbook on ebay with paypal.. It was 1 month ago, I have had no reply and I want my money back, can someone tell me what to do next. I think the funds have gone too.

  8. Do ebay sellers get your paypal information?
    Well, I’m about to win an ebay auction. Well, sorta. After winning, do I have to come back to ebay . com to make the payment, or will the seller ship it automatically without letting me know and recieve the payment automatically? Thanks :)

  9. Also what happens if your ebay account gets linked with another ebay account?

  10. just wondering what you need to open an ebay account and what sells the most?

  11. If someone buys your item, how do you give it to them? Does ebay message you their address or something?? I’m new to Ebay and i bet confused on that part.

  12. I just recently started using eBay again. I was wondering how do I earn eBay bucks

  13. I saw some Mintex brakes on Ebay and the price looks too good to be true, please if you brought Mintex brakes from Ebay. Thanks

  14. Is there any website where you have the option to pay with cash?
    I want something similar to eBay.
    The problem is eBay only accepts PayPal.

  15. Hello.

    I miss in some goods. Does anyone know – ebay customer support has a contact number?
    Interesting eBay UK

    Thanks in advanced

  16. Can someone walk me thourgh the steps on how to link your ebay, and paypal accounts.

    Nor do ebay, or paypal explain it good anough.

    someone help!

  17. I’m new to internet and like the idea of selling on Ebay, but have no idea how to go about it.

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