Making Candle Does Life Get In The Way?

How to Make Candles or Does Life Get In The Way?

SoyWaxCandle1 Making Candle Does Life Get In The Way?

Does Life Get In The Way?

Well, as usual it’s WAY past my bedtime and here I am at the computer…

But I’m totally PUMPED and had to share this with you!

I had to take a brief holiday from blog posting and focus on work and life issues …

Not nearly as much fun, but there it is.

Happens to all of us, right?

As they say, you gotta get a life outside of making candles! Yeah, whatever…

The good news is that being away from making candles has given me an opportunity to review and regroup.

In fact, I’ve read a lot of feedback from your emails that have been piling up in my inbox…

Quite a few candle makers have been talking about the 7 day candle wax formulas as if it’s time to think about what new direction to take next?

Are you sick and tried of reading about how to make 7 day candle?

The real challenge is to make candles in a day or less, now that’s simple and easy candle making, right?

Anyway, I love to learn new arts and crafts.

Can’t help it especially when I see something elegant and pretty I often want to learn how to make it.

Look you, I’ve done most crafts at one time or another and enjoy just about all of them.

The interesting thing is I keep returning to the candle making crafts and making candles, specifically wax art.

These delicate little wax crystals are so simple and fun to make candles, offering lots of opportunities to be creative.

Yes, wax crystals are unique, people love them and I think I’m obsessed with making candles.

So there’s my new focus.

I’m looking forward to sharing lots of information on how to make these lovely wax crystal candles with hard-to-find reports and interesting ways to embellish them.

I’ll even give you some new ideas on how to use wax art in your candle projects.

I’m looking forward to sharing how to make candles with no experience, and using no tools or even no equipment with you, so visit often…

Making candle – I gotta ask you does life get in the way?